So if you've clicked on this page then clearly you're in search for more information on who we are.

So here you'll find some important disclosure information that will cover:

who we are as a company

how we are registered as a Financial Advice Provider (FAP)

our licencing information

which providers we work with

how we are paid

what to do if you're not happy with us.

There's also a very important document outlining our Privacy Policy.

This covers how we treat your personal information once we have it.

Hope these help in your research journey.

Our Disclosure Information

Our Privacy Policy Information

Click here to download our

FAP Disclosure Information.

Click here to download our

Privacy Policy.

The My Futurity site is owned and operated by My Futurity Limited which holds a licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice. My Futurity (FSP552047) is authorised by that licence to provide financial advice as a Financial Advice Provider (FAP). All of our advisers are registered as regulated Advisers under that licence.

For information on our FAP disclosure information to you as a client please click here or contact us on or call 0800 333 121

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